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Spheres 28 | The Spirit Guide to 2010!

Our Gifted Edition

Things to Get you by with Marcia Hines
Interview by Christine Dominguez.

Marianne Williamson and the Age of Miracles
Seven Gifts of the Fae - Lucy Cavendish

Are you Sage, Warrior, Server or King?
Take our quiz and discover your strengths

3 Month Forecast with Renowned Astrologer

Dolphin Consciousness, Theta Healing,
Unconditional Love and Angels Galore!

Automatic Writing - Add a special touch to your
cards and gifts with this how to from Monte Farber and Amy Zerner.

TAROT TALK: My Father, My Emperor.
ANGEL PAGES: Special Deliveries - the etiquette of giving.
SPIRIT TRAVEL: Find Your Bangkok Smile.
OUT OF THIS SPHERE: Gifts from Outer Space.

The Attitude of Gratitude!

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