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Spheres 29 | Making the Past Present

Accessing Ancient Wisdom

A Garden of Knowledge Ancients Mystery Schools
Kala Ambrose reveals their secrets.

The Way of the Kami 8 million deities and counting
The White Tablets of Amun Ra
Exploring Lost Lands
Take a tour with Lucy Cavendish
to Atlantis and Lemuria

3 Month Forecast with SUZANNE WHITE

Channelled Messages - The Disciples Talk,
2012: A Mayan Elder Speaks Out!

Inspired Vision, Ancestral Connections, Keepers of Wisdom
Spiritual Strategy, Sacred Stones, A Question of Belief

TAROT TALK: Universal Truths
ANGEL PAGES: Winged Archetypes.
SPIRIT TRAVEL: Faerie Worlds in Oregon
OUT OF THIS SPHERE: Things we leave behind.

Opening the Doorways to Alchemy

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